Have you ever considered having a sweet pastry for dessert just after dinner? Whether the answer is yes or no, you ought to try Baklava at least once in your lifetime. It’s a traditional delicacy, not just any old sweet but a sumptuous treat

When you bite into the layers of filo and chopped nuts of different types, you won’t be able to stop eating Baklava until you’re satisfied. You can purchase authentic Baklava at the Baklava Box if you have yet to try it. Baklava has some intriguing facts to go along with its delicious flavour.

What is Baklava composed of?

Baklava is traditionally made in big trays. Baklava’s layers are formed of filo, and it is then filled with various nuts, including walnuts, hazelnuts, pistachios, almonds, and many more. These nuts are first diced, and then they are inserted between the layers.

The freshly made Baklava, particularly still warm, is the finest. The viscosity of the syrup or honey will change over time from something that dissolves in your mouth to something that requires a little more chewing. Baklava is submerged in honey or sweet syrups to hold the layers together.

Serve it with coffee or tea to highlight the contrasts between the bitter beverage and the sweet dessert. You can get Baklava online if you’re craving to try it.

You might need to be aware that there are several varieties of Baklava. There are several variants of this sweet, light dessert called Baklava since it has been around for hundreds if not thousands of years and many nations seek to claim it as their own. A delicious quantity of syrup, honey, almonds, and sweet, flaky dough is used to make Baklava.

Most experts agree that Baklava originated in Assyria in the eighth century BC (modern-day regions of Lebanon, Turkey, and Egypt, to name a few). The unleavened dough was stacked with almonds and honey inside little pieces. The dessert was once exclusively presented to society’s wealthiest members since only they could afford such a premium dish.

Facts about Baklava

• Several regions, including the Middle East, Egypt, the Balkans, Central Asia, South Caucasus, Maghreb, Algeria, Ethiopia, and others, are known for producing large quantities of this dish. It is well recognised to be these areas’ distinctive cuisine. If you find yourself in one of these locations, you must have a mouthful of this delectable pastry.

• The 33 layers of filo used in the Greek version of this dish represent the 33 years that Jesus Christ lived on earth.

• The 17th of November is celebrated as Baklava Day. In Turkish households, this day is observed with the highest enthusiasm and it is common to smell the freshly baked Baklava wafting from the kitchens.

• Despite having its roots in the Mediterranean and Middle East, Baklava has now become popular around the world.

• Filo makes up the layers. To make filo, you only need wheat and water. Several filo sheets are created, each smeared with melted butter. Each layer of filo is stretched to obtain the thin layer. It is the thin layers of filo that give Baklava its unique crunch.

• Baklava is a delectable sweet delicacy and many ethnic groups, civilizations, and nations claim to have created it. The earliest or closest to the modern baklava recipe dates back to Roman times (2nd century BC). Many people also assert that it is their special delicacy.

• Until recently, only royalty or aristocrats had access to Baklava’s sometimes labour-intensive crust and pricey components for more regular eating. Baklava is now widely available as a far more affordable delicacy.

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Baklava makes the perfect gift for special occasions but is also the perfect dessert to be enjoyed at home. The most crucial thing to remember is no matter when or where, to enjoy it!