All our Baklava selection boxes are baked in the UK and shipped fresh to order.

Assorted Baklava 750g

Assorted Baklava Box


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Chocolate Baklava

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Knafe Masirye Baklava


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About us

Baklava Box is a family run business where we believe that the art of sweet making goes beyond just mixing nice ingredients together. The true beauty lies in the taste. It only takes one bite to know that you have experienced a luxurious premium product.

The art of sweet making

Brushstrokes of mouth-watering syrup enclosed within wafer-thin crispy layers of filo pastry, filled with crushed nuts for that added crunch. With just the right amount of sweetness you won’t want to stop at one. The exquisite taste will leave you wanting more.

Historically a prestigious dessert enjoyed only by royalty, baklava is now undoubtedly one of the most popular Mediterranean desserts enjoyed across the globe. Baklava Box takes care to maintain the integrity of this dessert by ensuring there is no compromise to the quality of the ingredients or the taste.

The baklava box experience

Our baklava is baked in the UK and shipped fresh to order. Each box is individually packed and sealed by hand for a truly authentic experience. Our elegant gift boxes are perfect for any special occasion.

We currently offer assorted boxes of Regular, Bitesize, Vegan and Premium Baklava. Our gift boxes come in 250g, 600g and 750g.

If you would like to order larger quantities or need a customised order, please contact us directly at we will be happy to assist. Read more about delivery information.